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International Program



1) Climate Change is a threat to all of human civilization and the survival of the species.
WE GIVE A CRAP ( Climate Radical Action Plan)

2)Most of the wealth of the planet has been hijacked by a rival group of Pirates - the so-called elites- particularly the super rich. WE call them out as fascist eugenecist criminal conspirators. WE intend to take our money back, and use it to save the planet and and drive a stake through the heart of the Old World Order.

3)WE will end the hypocrisy lies and pyschological conditioning of the masses by the ruling elites and their pawns in the corporate media with our global awareness educational assault (GAEA)

4) WE call for an open source constitutional convention based upon our general outline. A draft constitution that will ultimately be adopted by all nations as they enter Our Pirates International Coaliton. (OPIC)

5) Voting reform paper ballots intl oversight like it or not SEIZE AND  CONTROL VOTING MECHANISMS.OR CREATE VIABLE ALTERNATIVE over the internet...

6) Erosion of rights under twin evils of pervasive electronic monitoring failed democracy inequality injustice demands a new paradigm in the realtionship btw govts. and governed.
Identity fundamental rights privacy health . WE will make a security grand bargain and it will be good for US. 

7) The lies and hyporcrisy of the phony drug war which enriches the corrupt and enslaves the people will be exposed and deposed.





reject discrimination lgbtq and racial equality in all countries authority of free roaming prudes racists and liars to define gender & racial identity.

reject the criminalization of dissent.

reject religious persecution and religious conflict

reject for--profit prisons and healthcare 

reject violence and war and deny their effectiveness as remedy for any problem.






*a statement about guns in America and elsewhere



a)self determination devise legal paradox QUAGMIRE V FEDS/CA GOVT

2)schools takeover

3) immigrants


Adopt Embrace 
& Lead pirate program/motifs
Mendo as leader / benefactor of NoCal


tax filing delay protest

kickstar local govt - down the road
dispersed "virtual" city
new paradigms